How to fix a hole in drywall

My family stopped by my wife’s uncle’s vacation home.

At the bottom of the stairs we spotted this:


So we called the uncle. As a thank-you we offered to fix the hole. It was too big for a patch job. This is what we did:

1) Cut out the fragile and broken drywall because the hole was just too large to patch.


2) got some pieces of wood and attached them to the backside of the drywall. This is important for stability of the replacement piece of drywall



3) We added the piece of new drywall. You can get small square pieces at you hardware store. You don’t need a full sheet.


4) We used drywall mud (NOT SPACKLE). It is either called all-purpose joint compound or drywall topping compound.


5) then we sanded and put another coat of mud on with a trowel.


We did a total of 3 coats of mud. Each coat we waited for it to dry all the way, then sanded it down. Each coat covered a larger area to feather it into the existing wall.


6) the original wall had an orange-peel texture. So we purchased a  texture spray at the hardware store   IMPORTANT! The oil based one works better and does not clog. Sure, it has more VOCs, but it is a better result.


7) then we painted 1 coat. The first coat wasn’t enough. We painted a total of 3 times including step 8


8) Then we added a plastic door plate to the wall and painted again (total paint coats =3)


Looks pretty good, eh?

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